AWS DeepRacer Women’s League – ASEAN 2020

Khoo Yuan Hui
1st Runner Up
Lysandra Koon Sue Ann
2nd Runner Up
Shobana Athiappan

AWS DeepRacer Women’s League –
Country Winners

Indonesia Champion
Nathania Saphira

Malaysia Champion
Lysandra Koon Sue Ann

Philippines Champion
Patricia Dorothy M. Manalang

Singapore Champion
Khoo Yuan Hui

Thailand Champion
Stella Naw

AWS DeepRacer
Women’s League
– ASEAN 2020



ASEAN Level Competition


Prizes worth
USD 1000


Prizes worth
USD 500


Prizes worth
USD 300

Country Level Competition

Country winners will be awarded USD300 worth prizes.

There will be five winners, one for each country — Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.
Additionally, the top 3 participants in the country level competition also get to qualify for the
ASEAN level competition and get medals.

Competition Days

Thailand - 1 August, 2020
Malaysia - 8 August, 2020
Indonesia - 15 August, 2020
Philippines - 22 August, 2020
Singapore - 29 August, 2020


How do I Qualify?

  • Open to women who are at least 17 years of age
  • Currently enrolled in a diploma/degree program in a polytechnic/university in ASEAN


The closing date to register for AWS DeepRacer Women’s League is 30 July 2020 for all countries.

The competition is held in a virtual environment (over the internet) for all countries. So you do not have to leave your home to take part in this competition. You will just need to have a computer with good internet access to take part in this competition.

The experience will replicate the physical race, where you will get to race your car on virtual simulator environment ‘live’ and will also be able to adjust the speed of the car during the race itself and even swap between your different DeepRacer models you built. This is not the same as the community virtual race published on the AWS console where you submit your model and do not get to see the live race or results until later.

This competition is open to all women aged 17 onwards enrolled in an institution in one of the these five countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand. Here are 3 example scenarios to explain the eligibility.

For instance, if you are a Malaysian enrolled in a University in Indonesia, you are eligible to take part in a competition in Indonesia (and not Malaysia ) as a student of the university based in Indonesia.

In another scenario, if you are a Japanese enrolled in a University in Singapore, you are eligible to take part in a competition in Singapore as a student of the university based in Singapore. There are no restrictions based on nationality.

Lastly, if you are a Filipino enrolled in a University in United Kingdom, you are not eligible to take part in a competition in any of the five country competitions as you are not enrolled as a student in an institution in any of the five countries.

You are learning the basics of a particular algorithm in Machine Learning called reinforcement learning and in the process are also understanding more about how Artificial Intelligence works through the courses you will be taking.

Create an account on AWS Educate and try out the ‘Machine Learning Scientist’ career pathway. It introduces you to the foundations of machine learning that will help you when you start learning about reinforcement learning using AWS DeepRacer and to also help you with your journey in Machine Learning field.
The recommended learning duration for this career pathway is about 20-30 hours.

While programming skills may help, it is not necessary. Some of the best competitors in AWS DeepRacer competitions had no programming skills to begin with.

You will be given a link to sign up for the Free Tier AWS account to practice and create DeepRacer models.

If you qualify for the competition, you will be provided with instructions on how to submit your model.

All participants will have a chance to test their DeepRacer Model in a trial ‘live’ virtual race to gain that experience.

The event will be broadcast live via our twitch channel and that is available on this page itself above the FAQ section. Alternatively you can browse to