Champion - Alibao and iinopuff

(Junior Category)

» 1st Runner Up - Noobmaster69

» 2nd Runner Up - Legacy Code

» 3rd Runner Up - SaveMyBP

» Best Presentation Award - Alibao

» Best Innovation Award - Noobmaster69

» Viewer’s Choice Award - Noobmaster69

Champion - Team Bobs

(Institute Category)

» 1st Runner Up - Team Bytesize Treats

» 2nd Runner Up - Team BLMNK

» 3rd Runner Up - Team Jaws

» Best Presentation Award - Team jAWS

» Best Innovation Award - Team Bobs

» Viewer’s Choice Award - Team jAWS

Overview of Build On, ASEAN 2020 Hackathon

AWS invites students from vocational institutions, polytechnics and universities to participate in Build On, ASEAN 2020 hackathon, a platform to Learn, Ideate, Develop and Compete. Hosted first in Singapore & Malaysia in 2019, we’ve now expanded the coverage of this competition to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. We are experiencing unusual times, and we would love you to join us from where you are comfortably, hence we’re hosting this competition virtually for the first time.

Learn more about the fundamentals of Cloud Computing and AWS. Select one of the real-time challenge statements provided by the participating organizations and ideate on a business proposal. If your winning idea gets selected to be within the top 50 teams, you’ll undergo advanced AWS courses to set you up for success. You’ll get to spend time with the consultants of each organization to develop and further refine your projects.

Compete in this ASEAN challenge, and aim for the top 5 spots on a country level to win attractive prizes and get a chance to compete on an ASEAN stage.

Hackathon journey


All student participants are to attend the fundamental workshop to learn more about cloud computing and AWS technologies. An AWS Educate account with USD $100 will be provided to each member of the team.


Teams would then pick one of the real-time challenge statements from the participating organizations and develop a business proposal for submission.

Phase 1
Proposal Evaluation

A panel of judges from the participating organizations would do an evaluation based on a set of rubrics to pick the top 50 teams.


The top 50 teams would then go through advance workshops and sessions with the challenge owners to ensure project is aligned with the expectations. Teams who’ve not make it through will be provided with a certificate of participation and opportunities to attend the AWS DeepRacer workshops and Virtual Job Fairs.

The Grand Finale

The finalist teams will showcase the final prototypes to the panel of executives with the top 5 teams presenting in-person virtually to gain top honors.



Prizes worth up to
USD 2500

(1st to 3rd)


Prizes worth up to
USD 500 to 1500


Prizes worth up to USD 250


Prizes worth up to USD 250


Prizes worth up to USD 250

The AWS Startup, AWS Activate & AWS EdStart programs will be offered to teams, depending on the solution type, to further develop their projects and commercialize it into a business entity. This will be granted based on approvals by the respective program teams.


There are no pre-requisites as training will be provided to get you up to speed.

Yes, as along as all team members are of the same category.

The Build On hackathon is develop to provide students with a platform to compete in country to win prizes and top honours and it doesn’t stop there. If the current situation permits, we’d like to bring in all top 5 teams of each country to Singapore to compete amongst the top teams from the 5 host countries. Additionally we’ll be providing all students a job fair, virtually/on-site depending on the COVID-19 situation.

AWS Educate is used in more than 200 countries and territories. It connects 2,400 institutions, over 10,000 educators, and hundreds of thousands of students. Through AWS Educate, students and educators have access to content and programs developed to skill up for cloud careers in growing fields. AWS Educate also connects companies hiring for cloud skills to qualified student job seekers with the AWS Educate Job Board.

Essentially we’d need you to attend the workshop for 2 days virtually. If you miss any segments, there will be a recording provided. After which, you and your team would be working on the proposal remotely for submission within a week. If you get selected in to the finalists teams, there will be another 2 days of advanced workshops and a calendar to slot time to speak with the challenge owners. All in all, we’ll need everyone for 4 – 6 days virtually, assuming you get into the finals.

In each category, meaning vocational/polytechnic/university, there will be:

  • Champion
  • 1st – 3rd Runner-Up
  • Most Innovative Solutions
  • Best Presentation
  • Viewers’ Choice Awards

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, AWS and it’s participating organizations will be providing various types of prizes and we’ll update it on the site. From AWS, you can expect devices from Amazon & AWS, credits to aid you in fully completing your project development and entrepreneurship programs such as AWS EdStart/Activate to support you in setting up a company of your own.

AWS DeepRacer gives you an interesting and fun way to get started with reinforcement learning (RL). RL is an advanced machine learning (ML) technique that takes a very different approach to training models than other machine learning methods. Its super power is that it learns very complex behaviors without requiring any labeled training data, and can make short term decisions while optimizing for a longer term goal. This year, we’re hosting workshops for all participants to learn more and get your hands-on in programming the AWS DeepRacer.

This is the 1st AWS DeepRacer league purely hosted for women in a bid to encourage inclusion and diversity of women in STEM. If you’re still keen to compete in an AWS DeepRacer league, we do have different platforms and will share this during the workshops. This will be an individual race and you do not need a team to participate.

As there are concurrent activities, Build On Workshops, AWS DeepRacer Workshops & AWS DeepRacer Women’s League, we’d recommend you refer to the schedule of events to plan your Build On experience.

Around the world, our member students have shared inspiring stores. Sharon Roy, Omkar Bahiwal, and Collin Arnett are three students from different parts of the world who are of different gender, race, and nationality. But they have one thing in common: a shared enthusiasm for cloud technology. Their passion for the cloud lead them to join the AWS Educate program while pursuing their studies in Australia, India, and the United States. Visit for more details.

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